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Download Free Chilindo 31.58 for Android – Download

Chilindo is an auction application where you can find thousands of items at incredibly low prices every day. If you are looking for an application with opportunities, this one has a long list of all kinds of products. Buy everything you need at the lowest possible price by winning auctions.

Chilindo is incredibly user friendly. Just click on the item you like and start bidding on it. To enter the auction, simply place your first bid – this is the price displayed on the right side of the screen. You can see where the offer is and who the bidder is in the center of the screen, just below the item images. This information lets you know where the offer is before the time runs out.

One thing you should know about Cillido is that every time someone makes an offer, there is a 20 second period for another person to place a higher one. So if you want to win the item, you have to bid before time runs out and wait until your seconds are up. If no one bids higher than you, then you win. But, if someone else bids again, then the bidding war starts until no one bids higher.


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