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Download Free CherryTree 0.99.27 – Free PC Download

We all have moments of inspiration in which pen and paper become two basic tools. When this happens we can always use it Cherry, a software application with which we will be able to keep notes, edit them, sort them and do whatever we want with them.

Software for writing notes

This development is similar to a word processor, except that it stores everything we write in a small database. So, we will be able to organize any note hierarchically depending on the work to which it belongs in a simple and graphic way.

His main intention Cherry is the simplification of the process keep notes whenever we want, organizing everything by themes, editing the text with the same options as a word processor and managing a perfect organization of all the notes. We will also be able to attach images and tables with ease thanks to its menus.

Overall, if you need a good software with which keep your notes organizedand making them very easy to store and edit, Cherry may be the app for you.

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