CCEnhancer 4.5.7 – Free PC Download

Download Free CCEnhancer 4.5.7 – Free PC Download

CCE improver is an application through which we can quickly improves the effectiveness of CCleaner, one of the most popular maintenance and cleaning programs in the world. This tool adds to the purest compatibility with hundreds of applicationsThese applications can slow down our computer due to the amount of junk they leave behind, as do browsers and email clients.

Increase CCleaner features

CCleaner includes WinApp2.ini file, through which we can add the new rules of cleaning and analysis.

Improve CCleaner performance with just a few clicks.

The operation of this tool is rather simple, as it should be wait for the necessary cleaner files to be modified, to reboot and that’s it: we’ll be ready to delete from the system any item that may be harmful to its performance. The interface is not attractive at all, mainly due to the type of program we are dealing with.

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