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Catapult King is a video game in which we must destroy castles, walls and other medieval buildings by throwing huge rocks from our catapult. The main innovation is that we will do this from a first person perspective.

The engineers are relatively similar to the classic Angry Birds, but with a few twists that make it unique. For example, instead of a two-dimensional perspective, in Catapult King we can look at the scene in three dimensions and shoot our missiles in first person, standing just behind the catapult.

The game has more than sixty levels in which you have to break many structures. In this way, we will earn money, which we will be able to use to improve our catapult or even buy magic to make spectacular moves.

Catapult King is a very fun game, with such a simple and addictive mechanic that it will be impossible to play just one game. It is ideal to play anytime and anywhere.


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