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Cat Cafe (고양이.) Is a fun strategy / management game that puts you in charge of an adorable cat cafe. Starting with a single cat and almost no decoration, your goal is to attract more and more visitors so you can improve your coffee and unlock new cats, each with unique skills and benefits.

Although the interface of Cat Cafe (고양이 다방) can be a bit overwhelming, the game is quite simple: you will earn experience points and coins with each person who visits your cafe. Experience points are used to climb and unlock new items, while coins are used to buy whatever you need to make your coffee hot and cozy.

One of the most interesting features of Cat Cafe (. 다방) is its amazingly well-written internet function. From the beginning of the game, you can visit both your friend’s cafes and those of users from all over the world. In these new cafes, you will not only find inspiration and ideas, but also experience points, small coin bonuses and exclusive items that you will not find anywhere else.


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