Careem – Walks, Food, Shops, Delivery & Payments 11.30 APK Download by Careem

Download Free Careem – Walks, Food, Shops, Delivery & Payments 11.30 APK Download by Careem

Enter a world where you can complete your daily needs in one app!
Book a walk, order food from restaurants or grocery stores and fill the rest of your mobile with online payments.

With just one connection, you can discover all your local services in one place, giving you more time to focus on the things that matter most. And there are others! Explore the Careem Rewards loyalty program, a world of discounts on walks and food, as well as partner offers, charitable donations and more. Wondering about points? Earn them simply by using the services you need.

Here is a sneak peek at all the services that await you *

Book now or schedule a pick-up later with affordable and comfortable car types-including city-to-city *, local taxi service * bus and bike options *. No need to worry about renting a car, we will get you where you need to be, without any problems!

Order food at your door from over a thousand restaurants and watch your delivery in real time. Choose from the best in the neighborhood, international hits and more. You can now easily access the Careem NOW delivery application and the Careem Super application.

Everything without eggs and milk every weekend? Need a Panadol for a headache right now? With a few strokes, buy your daily essentials, health and personal care items and specialty items from various places.

Whether it is documents, parcel delivery for a loved one or items from a store of your choice, pick up, buy and deliver on demand with our courier service. Tell us what you need to collect, where we are in it right away.

Careem Pay
An integrated, secure and secure online payment system for all Careem services that also allows you to make other frequent payments!

At Careem, we care about your daily needs, so we’ve put together the basic, day-to-day services in one place, easily accessible at the touch of a button. They are tailored to your local needs, so you can be eligible for services that are important to you. In the end, you can go back to doing what interests you most in life, leaving us with the day-to-day work.

* service availability varies by location

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