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Card Heroes is a card game where you can create a four-card deck to face AI opponents or other online players. In addition, since the game has so few cards, the games tend to be short and sweet.

Playing Card Heroes is simple: in each row you can use one of your cards, each of which appears on the table from the beginning. Each card has its own statistics and special abilities. Some cards, such as the elf archer, allow you to attack any of the enemy cards on the table, while others, such as the rider, can only attack the cards in the first row.

As you win battles and move on in the story, you can win more and more cards. As usual in these types of games, double cards can be used to upgrade your units. While a level 1 magician has only four life points, a level five magician can have eight.

Card Heroes is a great game with a simple, fast and addictive game. In addition, you can play alone through the extensive adventure mode or online with other players in the arena. The arena works a lot like another popular card game, Hearthstone.

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Card games are one of the oldest forms of entertainment available. For centuries, we have enjoyed them and are still discovering new ways to play. The digital world has opened a whole box of Pandora for opportunities of old and new to converge and transform into completely new experiences. From card games to single player complex games, card games have definitely found their place on mobile devices. We have compiled a list of the best and we are sure you would not want to miss any of the best card games on Android.

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