car2go 4.43.2 for Android – Download

Download Free car2go 4.43.2 for Android – Download

Car2go is the official application of this popular service that will help you get a car, almost instantly, in many cities around the world: Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Florence, Frankfurt, Madrid, New York, Seattle, Toronto and Chongqing. among the rest.

Car2go shows you where the nearest car is, as well as the level of the petrol tank or the charging status. You can also book just 20 minutes in advance and the app guides you directly to the car (which you can open using your Android smartphone).

Once you use car2go, you can test the app to quickly find all the car2go sites around you. You can also view your current usage at any time.

Car2go is a very effective application that helps you take advantage of an extremely useful service. It is important to keep in mind that it currently only operates in a limited number of cities around the world.


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