Cannon Demolition 1.5.1 for Android

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Cannon Demolition is a simple game where your goal is to demolish many different buildings using one type of cannon. Aiming accurately at all structures, it is very easy to destroy all skyscrapers.

Simple controls in Cannon Demolition allow you to easily destroy any building. All you have to do is hold your finger on the screen to aim the cannon and mark the area where you are going to send each bomb. When you think you have set the right course, let it pull.

3D graphics in Cannon Demolition help you see each building accurately. You need to hit certain parts of the structure according to the architectural features of each building. This is the only way to properly drop buildings and unlock new features that allow you to launch more powerful bombs.

Although the gameplay in Cannon Demolition is simple, it will not stop you from having fun while tearing down all the buildings. By aiming at each building well, you can make the most of the features of your cannon to destroy all the skyscrapers that cross your path. The game contains many levels where you can show off your skills by aiming not to leave even an apartment building or office standing.


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