Candy Crush Friends 1.50.2 for Android

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Candy Crush Friends is a new game in the Candy Crush franchise that uses the same popular game that ordinary players everywhere love. More matching with jellies, gummies and other sweets to create bursts of color and fun.

The first version of Candy Crush Friends (the one we tried to write this review) has over 70 levels where it has to match jellies of all kinds. The goal in each round is, as usual, to earn three stars, and to do so you must crush tons of candy using as few moves as possible.

Visually, Candy Crush Friends have the same aesthetics that Candy Crush Saga players were so excited about, but with many effects and improved graphics. 3D elements such as special jellies or characters to help you during the rounds are added to the simple, beautiful and colorful designs – so traditional in this epic.

Candy Crush Friends is a fun game that despite offering nothing new or original manages to keep players connected with its simple and easy to use game. It seems that breaking the candy never goes out of style.


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