Camp Defense 1.0.578 for Android

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Camp Defense is a strategy game where you defend yourself against wild zombie packs that tend to reach your base. Get in a truck and create a group of heroes ready to shoot all the zombies dead.

Camp Defense includes multiple characters that you can unlock in exchange for the coins you earn. These characters are loaded into a truck that you can upgrade to make the most of all available attacks. When you meet a group of zombies, you will automatically start the attack with endless rounds of ammunition, fighting with teeth and nails to win.

From the main menu, you can access the sections into which the game is divided. For example, as you play, you will enter various areas where you will have to deploy your army to kill all the dead. As your camp progresses, you can make the most of your resources to stop the zombies before it’s too late.

Camp Defense is full of automatic battles where you pick and choose your team in advance. Choose wisely, because your army must kill the dead before they destroy the world territory by region.


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