Caller Manager 33.0 for Android

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Caller Manager is an interesting application that allows you to save your call log in a very organized and unique way, including statistics that could prove to be really useful for future analysis.

All the fans of the organization are lucky, because Caller Manager is a really useful application that allows you to keep an automatic record of all the calls you make and receive on your smartphone, as well as the SMS you send or receive.

All the additional statistics entered by the Caller Manager can help you see in a comparative graph the incoming, outgoing, missed and rejected calls … everything is entered for later analysis. The best part is that Caller Manager not only saves the information, but also gives you the ability to record calls and save them in each contact’s files.

Caller Manager is a truly complete and useful application that is simple and easy to use. There is no doubt that you can take advantage of this application in many different situations.


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