Caliber 5.9.0 for Windows – Download

Download Free Caliber 5.9.0 for Windows – Download

Caliber is an administrator, organizer and eBook reader that can help you organize and document your collection. Additionally, you can customize the files to fit the format of your device’s reader.

You can organize your collection by author, publication date or publisher, among others.

One of the most interesting features allows you to convert between eBook formats, convert a news feed to an eBook or sync eBooks with an external device.

It supports all kinds of formats, read and convert, from the most popular ones like ePub, PDF, txt or RTF to export to fb2, OEB or MOBI.

Another of its most notable features is the ability to sync your books with your eBook reader, whether it’s an Amazon Kindle or other models like the Papyre, Cybook or Sony PRS.

Caliber uses a Cover Flow style interface to navigate book covers. It also allows you to edit its metadata from the program interface and explore the collection of eBooks from a web browser.

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How to send eBooks to your Android with Caliber 3.0

Caliber is, by itself, one of the most downloaded computer tools in Uptodown. The popular eBook reader, organizer and converter has now been released in version 3.0 with tons of new features – including the ability to share books from your library over your local network, making it extremely easy to send books to your smartphone or your tablet and read the content remotely from any device by connecting to a web browser. Here we explain how to set it up.

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