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Buriedbornes is a first person RPG where players create a character and you have to descend through a dungeon full of dangers. Your goal: finish the evil “Ancient Overlord”, who will wander in the darkness that awaits you in the depths of the Dungeon.

Before starting a new game, players create their character by choosing from many different genres. Warrior, Priest, Mage, Paladin or Explorer are just a few of the many classes you can choose from, each with its own characteristics and special abilities.

The Buriedbornes game system is very simple to learn … but very difficult to master. Basically, you have to decide which room you want to enter, taking into account what you can find hidden in every corner. When you meet an enemy in a room, you are forced to fight them. These battles will be done in turns, where you have to go by choosing which skill we use each time.

Between the match and the next, before you enter a new room, you will be able to manage your own stock of characters and skills. Doing this is very important, because if you are not careful, you may find yourself in a situation where you are completely without offensive skills.

Buriedbornes is a great RPG, offering a gaming experience that has a very “old school” feel. Overall it is a fun and different title that will surely be a favorite among RPG fans looking for a real challenge.


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