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See if you can become the best monster trainer in the world in Bulu Monster, a turn-based RPG with gameplay similar to the legendary Pokémon game.

Start a new game in Bulu Monster and the first thing you need to do is choose your first monster. After selecting one of the three available monsters, your adventure on Bulu Island begins. As you explore each map, you will find battle monsters, other trainers, and many treasures that you can use to climb your team.

Bulu Monster battles are similar to other monster capture games. Each time you encounter another monster, you can send one of your own into battle and choose which skills to use in your turn as you try to defeat your opponent. Of course, you do not have to attack every monster. you can also record it and add it to your group.

Although Bulu Monster has an original story, its easy-to-use gameplay makes it a great game for Android users of all ages. Overall, it is a nice RPG with many game modes, 150 monsters to catch and a friendship story that everyone will enjoy.


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