Bulk Rename Utility Download For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 PC

Download Free Bulk Rename Utility Download For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 PC

The Bulk Rename Tool for Windows is a type of software that you can use to rename various files and folders based on flexible criteria. For example, users can add a prefix or extension to a file or folder, or they can change three letters with four additional letters in the file name. This completely free program is designed for personal use at home.


Renaming from a text file

You can rename files according to a text file. The text file must contain a list of “Old Name” and “New Name” pairs, which differ by the channel symbol. To use this feature, you must create a text file in the correct format.

Regular expression

This software supports powerful processing of “regular expressions”. You will be able to enter a flexible Match expression and a flexible Replacement expression, then the software will use the expressions to generate a suitable name. For example, users can use RegExp strings to swap 2 words in a file name, or use hard formatting or remove numbers.

Automatic date

You can add different data in different formats to the file name. This option allows you to prefix or suffix the file name with different data. The date the file / folder was created or modified, as well as the current date. This is useful for pictures.

Change file attributes

This software allows you to change the attributes of files and folders after renaming them. This can be useful if you want to mark all renamed files / folders as requiring archiving, or if you want to hide the renamed file or folders.

Bulk rename here

In this program, you will find a device called “Bulk Rename Here” when you right-click on a file / folder in Windows Explorer. This option gives you quick access to the tool.


If you want to rename a bunch of pictures in one folder and a lot of audio files in another folder, you can create two favorite files called Pictures and Audio Files. Each favorite will contain selection criteria, rename criteria and the current folder.

Action menu

The “Action Offer” option will give you a number of shortcuts to speed up tasks, which are –

  • Select all
  • Deselect everything
  • Select from the clipboard
  • Go on a journey
  • Restore files
  • Undo rename
  • Create a batch file back
  • Restore the tree

Image viewer

You can display a preview window that displays images for the recently selected file. Only certain files like us are supported (JPG, BMP, WMF, GIF).

Change file timestamps

You can change the timestamp information for a file / folder as soon as you rename it. This will be useful if you want to sort photos in a specific sequence.

Add a folder name

This option allows you to append the name of the folder containing the file name.

Quick rename

If you want to quickly rename a file / folder without using any criteria, you must press F2 on the file name and edit it manually.

Is Bulk Rename Utility for Windows safe?

-Yes, it’s perfectly safe. It will not damage your device or computer. You can use this software without any uncertainty.

Advantages and disadvantages of the bulk rename tool for Windows


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy installation.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit applications.
  • It’s free.
  • So many useful features.
  • There are many ways to rename files.
  • Rename MP3 files.
  • Very fast.


  • When migrating to a single drive, there is a list of unsupported characters in the file names.

The bulk rename tool for Windows is downloaded very commonly. It has a huge base of regular users and a convention of active users. This software must be used within a trade, company, or for commercial purposes under a commercial license. So you can use this amazing software to rename files to your advantage.

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