Bubble Shooter Balls 3.67.5052 for Android

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Bubble Shooter Balls is a fun game inspired by the classic bubble shooters, where you can go through hundreds of levels with a little dog that hates bubbles. Your mission is to pop all the bubbles with a fixed target, removing them from the screen with as few moves as possible.

The game in Bubble Shooter Balls is the same as other games of this kind. Drag balls to the top of the screen to combine them with others of the same color and make them disappear. To aim, slide your finger across the screen and follow the instructions for a better idea of ​​how your shooting is going. To download, simply lift your finger from the screen.

To beat the levels in Bubble Shooter Balls, you must clear the screen of each last bubble, so it is important to think twice before shooting. If you manage to pop the top bubbles, you will shake a bunch of bubbles at the same time. Regardless of your strategy, the name of the game is carefully targeted as you help this puppy burst all the bubbles.

This game includes hundreds of different levels, so you will never get bored. To remove bubbles from the screen, combine three or more bubbles of the same color, collecting jewels along the way to increase your chances of winning. Enjoy this adorable dog as you progress through hundreds of levels designed to test your aim.


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