Brave Browser (Beta) 1.19.74 for Android

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Brave Browser (Beta) is a preliminary version of the Brave Browser web browser. It comes with additional features that will be integrated into the standard version. Much more than you would expect from your average mobile browser, in fact, Brave Browser (Beta) is not just a fast, free and secure web browser – it will set you up with a built-in AdBlocker, tracking monitoring and optimized data experience. All of this comes without too many complicated configuration settings. Just open the app and start browsing.

As with the standard version, Brave Browser (Beta) has no add-ons or external settings to manage or configure. It automatically provides the fastest and safest browsing experience. This means: no pop-ups, no malware, no hassle of any kind.

Likewise, this version offers an alternative for users who – who do not want to constantly engage with ads that interfere with their browsing experience – would also prefer not to eliminate the only revenue-generating feature that some sites have: ads. As an alternative source of revenue, Brave Browser offers its users a system of badges that value your attention and time spent on each web page, allowing you to create and collect a specific browser currency, BAT. This feature gives you a way to continue to financially support your favorite sites without having to watch ads. Once a month, Brave Browser (Beta) sends an analog BAT payment to each of the sites you visit.

Brave Browser (Beta) is a great browser for Android. It provides a comfortable alternative experience for demanding users, as well as a fair trade for web developers. You can now browse the Internet without having to watch endless ad scrolls or ever worry about sharing your data with third parties. It’s a win-win, users gain their privacy (and an optimized browsing experience) by allowing developers to receive financial compensation without ads.


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