Brave Browser 1.18.78 for Android

Download Free Brave Browser 1.18.78 for Android

Brave Browser: Fast AdBlock is a fast, free and secure browser that comes with Adblock, tracking protection and an optimized user experience for data and battery life. All this comes without having to overcome too many complicated setup obstacles when it comes to your configurations. It’s simple: just open the app and start browsing.

In Brave Browser: Fast AdBlock you will not experience any plugins or external customizations to manage or configure. This application already has a secure and complete browsing experience. Yes, this means that there are no pop-ups, malware or other annoyances.

Other useful features in Brave Browser: Fast AdBlock saves you the hassle of loading websites, thus improving your performance and bypassing completely annoying ads. In the long run, this means a huge improvement for users in terms of speed and it is something you will definitely feel when you compare it to other browsers. Not only will you notice an improvement in your battery life, but you will also see an improvement in your data usage.

Brave Browser: First AdBlock is a great Android browser. It offers a fast and secure browsing experience and of course has all the features you would expect from a modern browser.

Link Bubble is now a Brave Browser and has added ad blocks

We had only good words for Link Bubble, a browser that loads external links that you can access from your applications in the background, saving you a few precious seconds of transition time. A few months ago the studio was acquired by Brave Software and now the application has started again with a new name and add-ons such as a built-in ad blocker.

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