Brain Wash 1.32.0 for Android

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Brain Wash is a fun puzzle game with lots of little puzzles to solve, each with a refreshing touch of humor.

Each level Brain Wash has a visual puzzle or a short skill game to solve, all with hilarious solutions. For example, you may need to wipe a person’s mind to turn all the storm clouds into rainbows, put a peg in its place between other teeth, put a heart in the right place …

Each level will stimulate your mind as you think of all the possible ways to solve the puzzle by tapping or dragging your phone according to what appears on the screen in each puzzle.

Another great feature of this game is its beautiful graphics. Each level has a colorful, well-crafted design to combine with its innovative and amazing gameplay.

Overall, Brain Wash is a fun puzzle game. See it and spend a hilarious time training your brain as you try to discover the secret in each level.


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