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Brain Go 2 is the second part of this fun epic where you have to solve the different problems you face. If you are looking for a game where you can test your brain in a fun way, then this app has hundreds of great levels that will keep you entertained for hours. Enjoy all kinds of mysteries where the answer could be hidden in plain sight.

The way Brain Go 2 works is so simple and clever that you will not face a specific type of problem. Different levels and problems appear in front of you and you will need to unleash your imagination if you want to solve them. You may need to swipe your finger, move something or even search for an image to reveal something hidden … You will never know how to solve the mystery, so you have to interact with everything around you to find the right one answer.

Brain Go 2 is a fun intelligence game where the most basic logic will trouble your brain. Sometimes, the right answer may be right in front of you and will be so obvious that it will be difficult to find. At other levels, you need to look for something carefully and try to understand the title of the problem. Explore, try, move, tap or drag to try to find something that can help you.

What is fun about this awesome game is that there are very easy and very hard levels, so you never know what kind of challenge awaits you until it is right in front of you. Enjoy the improvement of your cognitive skills, memory and concentration through this most fun game.


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