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Bomb Club is a puzzle game where all kinds of moving bombs explode to blow up the board. Combine the bombs strategically to try to ensure that the entire board will inflate.

Bomb Club has great graphics, making it easy to see it all at a glance. All you have to do is drag the cards displayed at the bottom of the screen to the selected boxes. Try to find a way to connect all the bombs so that when one of them explodes, they all do.

It is worth noting that you can rotate the camera in any direction you want. Slide your finger on the screen to rotate the entire script and get a better look at the available bombs. To ignite a fuse, on the other hand, press and hold on any of the bombs. If you do it right, when a bomb explodes, it will detonate all the other bombs around it.

The Bomb Club includes tons of levels where it is up to you to calculate the best location for each bomb. Your goal is to blow up the whole board by combining bombs for a murderous chain reaction.


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