Bluetooth App Sender 2.5.6 for Android

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You’re probably missing the old days when you could share anything via Bluetooth or infrared, from songs to apps … but with the advancement of technology, the policies that determine if you can send such files have become increasingly restrictive until reached a point where it is virtually impossible to make such file transfers between friends. That’s where the Bluetooth App Sender comes in. It is an interesting application that allows you to share your applications with any user simply using the classic Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth App Sender is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is open the app, select what you want to share and start the transfer.

The most interesting thing about Bluetooth App Sender is that there are no restrictions. You can even use it to manage all your applications, including uninstalling them directly from its interface and eliminating any unnecessary information that takes up space in your precious memory.

Share your favorite apps with your friends and go back to the good old days where everything could be transferred with the Bluetooth App Sender.


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