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Blow Challenge is a simple game where you will face constant competitions that require you to blow as hard as you can. Defeat your enemies and clear everything on your own side of the pipe to win!

The graphics in Blow Challenge show all the elements in 3D with wonderful striking colors. The visual quality combined with the idea of ​​the game makes it an extremely addictive application for all types of users. In addition, as usual, the levels gradually become more difficult as you progress. This means that even if you have never played such a game before, you do not have to worry about anything. The first few competitors your face will be easy enough to beat and learn from your experience.

Once the game starts, you will see the setting where all the action takes place. In the center of the screen you will find the two characters that will compete with each other. On the left, you will see your character, with your enemy sitting on the right side of the screen. You will also find a counter at the top of the screen. The controls consist entirely of bumps on the screen when your character’s lungs are full of air to blow louder. This goes on and on until you manage to put everything in the pipe into your opponent’s mouth.

The Blow Challenge is an addictive title where you have to blow non-stop until you clear as many objects as possible from the pipe.


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