Blisk for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Download Free Blisk for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Blisk for Mac it is one Chromium-based browser with essential tools for web development. Use it to build and test both desktop and mobile versions of your site at the same time. Blisk for macOS allows developers to preview their changes as they encode on multiple devices at the same time! The program is a first browser for Windows developers. It provides businesses with a growth workspace for teams and freelancers to develop and test modern web applications twice as fast.

Design, develop high-response, high-performance web applications twice as fast. With this tool, you can work on both mobile and desktop computers at the same time. Make sure your web application looks great and works well on any device. Try the mobile and desktop versions side by side with all the necessary devices. Take a screenshot or video recording and share it with your team. Automatically uploads screenshots and videos to Safe Blisk for Mac cloud storage.

Features and best moments

Provides pre-installed phones of all required views: from small iPhone 5s to large Google Pixel XL. The phones support touch event, landscape or portrait mode, have propper screen resolution, device pixel ratio and user agent. The list of phones is constantly updated.

Different tablets
With the browser, you can control the appearance and performance of the web application on a tablet. The tablets support the touch event, the horizontal or vertical function, have the appropriate screen resolution, device pixel ratio and user agent. The list of tablets is constantly updated.

Regular laptops
Allows you to create amazing experiences for users on different laptops: from Windows to OS X. Laptops have propper screen resolution, device pixel ratio and user agent. The list of laptops is constantly updated.

MDPI-HiDPI desktops
Creating desktop web applications: from regular MDPI 1440px x 800px monitors to large HiDPI 2560px × 1440px monitors. Desktop support has propper screen resolution, device pixel ratio and user factor. The list of desktops is constantly updated.

Side view
Displays cell phones and desktops side by side. Helps compare the user interface on a mobile and desktop computer at the same time. Switching from mobile to desktop is no longer required.

URL and scroll sync
Synchronizes URL and scroll position for both laptops and desktops. Mobiles and desktops follow each other with URL and scroll position Blisk works routinely for you. It always displays the same page and the same portion of content on desktops and mobiles.

Automatic update
Each time you save code changes – refresh the tabs. Updates CSS changes even without refreshing the page. Try to open the IDE on one screen, the tool – on another and focus on development.

Lots of DevTools
The program offers the best DevTools (as in Chromium). You can start separate DevTools for desktops and mobiles and use them at the same time to check data, measure performance, etc.

Error alerts
Tracks page errors in JavaScript and resources that failed to load. Notifies you when a problem occurs and looks for the solution in StackOverflow.

Page inspector
The application provides its own page inspection tool with the most important CSS properties. Allows you to quickly inspect any item on your desktop or mobile without starting DevTools.

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