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Bixby Voice is the application you need on your Samsung smartphone if you want to use the Bixby voice assistant on some smartphones from this Korean brand. Just install this app and then you can set voice commands intuitively.

The way Bixby Voice works is very simple. Once you have enabled this feature with Bixby Assistant, you can start taking advantage of voice recognition. All you have to do is say “Hello, Bixby” and the app will learn your voice.

One of the best parts of Bixby Voice is that it knows your personality and interests, offering personalized answers. You can even shop with your voice by telling Bixby what you want from Samsung-affiliated platforms.

Bixby Voice is definitely a great choice if you want to set up and use your Samsung smartphone without hands. Customization options and artificial intelligence are so good that when you get used to it, you will not want to live without it.


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