BitPay 12.7.5 for Android – Download

Download Free BitPay 12.7.5 for Android – Download

The BitPay app offers a secure way to manage all your bitcoins directly from your smartphone. Not only that, but this application has an intuitive interface that facilitates the management of your transactions and the transfer of secure bitcoin to other addresses.

After downloading BitPay, you must first create a virtual wallet where you can store all your bitcoins and then you will receive an address that allows you to quickly receive payments from third parties.

BitPay also makes it possible to send cryptocurrencies to anyone on the planet – as long as they have an email address and a bitcoin wallet – with one click. This app even has a contact list where you can add people to whom you frequently send bitcoins and then send cryptocurrencies by simply selecting a contact and entering the bitcoin number to send.

But the best feature of BitPay may just be the built-in bitcoin exchange system, which allows you to buy or sell encryption from the app. Buy, sell, send and receive bitcoins all from one BitPay application.


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