Big Farm: Mobile Harvest 8.5.22347 for Android

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In the simple game Big Farm: Mobile Harvest, you will manage a farm and help it evolve from a humble house to a huge estate!

First of all, you have to work to make the place: cultivate wheat in the field and build a granary so that you can store grain and use it to feed chickens later. Not only that, but you can use any excess eggs from the henhouse or vegetables from the garden to buy materials to rebuild your farm and make the land as productive as possible. And as you build and upgrade buildings, you can buy more land and expand your farm and raise even more crops and livestock. As you upgrade your farm, you will be able to buy new items, such as a house large enough to start a family, for example. In the meantime, you can become friends with your neighboring farmers and start beautiful friendships.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is the perfect management game for anyone who dreamed of leaving the city behind and creating a new, more natural life in the countryside. And it has great graphics!


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