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Big Big Baller is a fun skill game where you start as a small ball. However, with a little luck and great ability, you will not be small for long. Your goal is to grow as big as you can, trampling an entire city. This is the only way to gain huge volume and conquer the other balls that roll. You are ready for a wild adventure, against dozens of users from all over the world, all with the same goal: to crush you and everyone else on their way.

If you are a fan of the classic, and all the other similar games out there, then Big Big Baller will be easy for you to win, as the game is exactly the same. You have a small ball to start with and you can change its skin to differentiate it from other players. It is up to you to move your ball where you want it to move, sliding your finger around the screen from side to side. To grow your ball, you have to step on items like people, cars and street lights, but as you get older, you can even start smashing buildings and buses.

At Big Big Baller, it is important to keep in mind two things that will help you pick up quickly and get away from other users who want to consume you. The most important thing to realize is which items will make you grow and which will not help you in the beginning. You need to keep in mind that large buildings or cars will slow you down and other players can take advantage of these moments of weakness.

At the top right of the screen, you can see the current standings for the screen depending on how big each player is. The winner is the one who has the most points when the time is up. You should try to get as many targets as possible to get points faster and avoid being crushed at all costs as you roll around the city.

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