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Between us is a game set in a giant spaceship and brings an interesting proposition: there is a rogue among the crew and you have to determine who he is before he kills everyone.

A multiplayer adventure game with a mole

This game is really interesting because you can have multiplayer games from 4 to 10 players and you can play on a local network or Wi-Fi connection. In every game, one player takes on the role of the penetrating saboteur and the others must investigate and locate the mole to neutralize himThe

As part of the crew, your goal is to complete tasks or find the scammer. To do this:

  • Complete all tasks to prepare the ship or find the scammer.
  • React quickly and repair any sabotage.
  • Check management maps and security cameras to monitor other players.
  • Indicate immediately which bodies you find and try to find out who is responsible.
  • Vote for the elimination of the scammer.

However, if you are a saboteur, your goals are different:

  • Finish with the crew members.
  • Combine with your friends pretending to work and go unnoticed.
  • Sabotage the ship to create chaos and split the crew.
  • Close the doors and illegally kill other crew members.

Between us is a fun game that combines aspects of adventure, strategy and puzzle. It also allows players to personalize the characters and communicate via text chat. It is indeed a paid game, but the starting price is very low and it supports games with Android and iOS users at the same time.

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