BetterZip for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Download Free BetterZip for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

BetterZip is a small and Powerful archiving tool for Mac which allows you to partially extract files from large files, with support for all the most popular formats currently used on computers with all modern operating systems. This includes favorites such as ZIP, RAR, 7-Zip, TAR, BIN and CAB, in older and darker formats such as XAR, ARJ, JAR, DEB, NSIS, NQX and others. It can even manage data packaged in CD / DVD ISO image storage format.

Its creator BetterZip was the developer Robert Rezabek who coded this application in Objective-C programming language to run only on macOS, with support for all modern archiving techniques such as partitioned files, file compatibility with other operating systems, encryption and files protected by password, add selected files without unpacking the entire file and much more. All of this is done in a very well-organized control panel that supports not only easy access to tools and file lists, but also drag-and-drop management and integration into Mac OS X, so you can easily manage files no matter what you do. .

It is important to observe it inherently BetterZip ROS file management is not supported for macOS, but this feature can be easily added by manually downloading and installing the RAR command line utility from the Rarlab website. After this support, the RAR files will be fully integrated into the tool, allowing users to manage these files like everything else.

Features and best moments

Export only files you really need
If you only need a few files or folders from a larger file, you do not need to export the whole theme. Just drag the files you need from the application window to any Finder window or desktop.

Open files without exporting
Not only can the tool open files without first extracting them, but you can also search for a file using iTunes-as an interface. The application can open and export files in the most common formats: ZIP, SIT, TAR, XAR, GZip, BZip2, RAR, 7-Zip, CPIO, ARJ, LZH / LHA, JAR, WAR, CAB, ISO, CHM , RPM, DEB, NSIS, BIN, HQX.

Creating files
Just drag files and folders from your hard drives, disks, or network locations to your new zip file. You no longer need to first copy all the files to a temporary folder. Supported formats are ZIP, TAR, GZip and BZip2 compressed TAR, XAR, 7-ZIP and RAR (using the external RAR command line tool). Large files can also be split.

Protect your data
Best Zip Can protect your data with password and create encrypted files compatible with WinZip AES-256. 7-zip and rar files can also be protected.

Update files
Add new or updated files to existing files. Remove any file or folder from a file, or even move files within the file as if they were a normal folder.

Make the files compatible
Strip specific Mac files and resource forks from files for better compatibility with systems such as Windows or Linux.

Note: 30 day trial version. Requires a 64-bit processor.

Download Last Version: BetterZip for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

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