BBEdit for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Download Free BBEdit for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

BBEdit for Mac is the leading professional HTML and word processor for Macintosh. Specially designed to meet the needs of web creators and software developers, this award-winning product provides a wealth of high-performance features for editing, searching and handling text. A smart interface provides easy access to BBEditTop features such as grep pattern matching, multi-file search and replacement, project definition tools, function navigation and color synthesis for multiple source languages, code wrapping, FTP and SFTP opening and saving, AppleScript, macOS Unix script support, text and code integration, and of course a complete set of powerful HTML markup tools.

Features and best moments

Text factories
Text factories increase your productivity enabling the quick and easy implementation of what you need from the powerful arsenal of BBEdit tools to achieve your goals in multiple files and folders, with only the first initial setup required. As a bonus, text factories run in the background, allowing you to use the app for other tasks while running and take full advantage of multi-processor machines.

Language sections without passwords
Codeless language modules make it easy to extend BBEdit’s built-in color scheme and navigation features. Basic syntax and coloring rules for programming languages ​​can be represented by a relatively simple text file, without the need for programming or advanced logic.

Terminal completion
Call BBEdit from the command line and move the results to a document. For example, the ps (process state) command can create some extremely large lines. Here, we tell ps to give full details and put the result in a new document and move the window to the top of the document. (The document behind the Terminal window is a BBEdit document.)

Organize your projects
You can also add files from anywhere (on disk or from FTP / SFTP) to a BBEdit project (and save the project for reuse). While the disk browser and FTP / SFTP browser windows show you the structure of your volumes, Projects lets you easily access related files without having to be together.

Automator support
BBEdit for macOS includes a set of Automator actions that reflect internal text transformations. Most of the text menus are available in Automator, as well as a Replace All action for search and replace. and some supportive steps to streamline the process of entering text in and out of the toolbar. No scripting required!

Improved color syntax
The internal syntax coloring mechanisms have been extensively redesigned, allowing for a much larger selection of kernel color types, and now allow language modules to add their own color types. Support for color combinations has been expanded to include many factory color schemes.

New Clippings system engineering
The Clippings system (used to create, manage and apply frequently used text snippets) is now even more powerful and flexible. Any clipping set can be available universally or by language (for any desired set of languages). The Clippings palette, text completion system, and Insert Clipping command have been expanded to support this extra flexibility.

New user interface for finding differences
The Difference Dialog dialog box has been updated, and folder comparisons are faster than ever, thanks to a rewritable and newly adjusted rendering engine. The most important changes are in the results interface, however: a brand new presentation of a window is much easier to use for folder comparisons, easier to manage, and (for folder comparisons) allows you to copy files as required from one folder to another.

Note: 30 day trial version.

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