Battle Bouncers 1.14.1 for Android

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Battle Bouncers is an interesting combination of RPG and brick, where you guide a group of heroes through a magical world. Your goal: defeat your enemies by shooting hundreds of balls that bounce off any surface.

The game in Battle Bouncers is similar to other broken bricks where you shoot balls from the bottom of the screen to break the blocks at the top. The main difference is that the balls you shoot are the heroes and the blocks you break are your enemies, moving towards you forever.

When you start your adventure, you only have four different heroes, each with special abilities. However, as you progress through the campaign, you can unlock all types of heroes to add to your team. You can hire a total of 30 different characters, each with their own characteristics and special abilities.

Battle Bouncers is a fun RPG with great graphics and original gameplay. It’s another great game from the developers who made Tap Titans.


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