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Basketball Stars Battle is a basketball game where you test your skills to earn as many points as you can in each level. To do this, use your controls (to be fair, they are very intuitive) to drag your finger across the screen in order to score each basket.

Set in a charming 3D setting, it is up to you to closely monitor the location of the basket from one second to the next and carefully monitor the path you want the ball to take when shooting. From there, tap on the screen to start each of the basketballs through the air and in the basket.

In every match you face a random opponent from pretty much anywhere in the world. Your goal is to shoot and score as many basketballs as each of your opponents. However, this is much easier said than done, and the minimum number of points depends on your level. In addition, the direction you take varies as the position of each hoop is rotational and varies with each race.

In Basketball Stars Battle, you enter a world full of street basketball courts, where your ultimate goal is to shoot and score as many baskets as you can. Show your skills by aiming before the time runs out to get the highest possible score. Hurry up and prove your skills to feel all the emotion and excitement of each fight as you fight to shoot every hoop in time.


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