Bamboo Paper 1.12.8 for Android

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Bamboo Paper is a virtual notebook where you can draw, sketch and keep notes as you wish, just like in a real notebook. Best of all, you will not waste paper and you will have a ton of additional tools to use here.

Once you have selected the type of laptop you want to use (blank pages, lines, squares, etc.), just go right away and transfer your ideas offline to the digitized world. With just a few free pencils and brushes, along with a defined color palette, you can draw whatever you want. In addition, you can choose between three different thickness types when it comes to pencil width to further personalize your designs.

In each of the notebooks, you can draw on different pages by swiping your fingertip on your screen in one swipe. It’s like turning a real page into a physical notebook. Additionally, you can add pictures from your collection to include even more information in these virtual notebooks.

Bamboo paper is a useful tool when it comes to taking notes and sketching fast. That said, it’s a bit of a stretch to provide free features for use in the trial version, but in any case they are more than enough to make a few simple sketches.


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