Baidu Map 15.8.5 Download Baidu Map APK

Download Free Baidu Map 15.8.5 Download Baidu Map APK

Baidu Maps V15.8.0 has been released recently!
-The voice tracking function for taxis is online, real-time transmission is not lost and taxis are one step faster.
-New upgrade of public transport design, the proposed programs are smarter and the means of transport can be chosen at will.
Hurry up and download and update the new version of Baidu Maps, an exclusive 9-voice voice recording package, a complete upgrade of the travel experience!

Baidu Maps is a new generation of artificial intelligence maps. It is a platform that provides users with smart route planning and navigation, location search, smart tourism and other travel-related services. Supports global voice control, real-world AR navigation and other new interactive features. Baidu Maps International Maps covers more than 200 countries and regions around the world. It is committed to providing users with more accurate, richer and more user-friendly travel services.
Φων Smart voice】
-Top voice technology in the industry, enabling full wake-up call and global control
-S shout “Xiaodu Xiaodu”, easily check the route, search for a location, ask for the weather, search for the route, etc.

【Smart Design】
-Providing smart design solutions, such as taxis, driving, public transport, walking, cycling, train, plane and other modes of travel
Across the country, you provide smart travel solutions that combine multiple modes of transportation
-Provide travel planning at any time for the next 7 days, easy to check in advance
-Prioritize time, avoid traffic jams, charge less, do not prefer high-speed routes and other preferences as you choose

【Smart navigation】
-Second update of road conditions, real-time recommendation for better routes, smart congestion avoidance
-Smart positioning, continuous navigation even with weak GPS signal
-Remember bus arrival reminder, real-time bus coverage in many cities

Σύ Smart recommendation】
-According to personal travel time, method and other preferences, personalized recommendations for high quality solutions
-Discover the surrounding area, click to find places to eat, drink and play
-Smart tourism, suggested game routes, artificial intelligence guides to follow the explanation, AR tour to take the lead, allow you to enjoy the scenic part
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