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Back Wars is an action game developed by MDickie, which has many similarities to other games of the same developer, but with a slightly different approach. In this game, you will meet an army that has traveled through time to conquer the world … but the army faced unexpected resistance.

The controls of Back Wars are identical to those of other MDickie games, with the directional keyboard on the left of the screen and all the action buttons on the right. As always, you can attack, grab, pick up items, use weapons and so on.

One of the most interesting parts of Back Wars is that each area of ​​the map will allow you to play a variety of different characters – be sure to explore the entire map so you can try out each character. You can switch between the available characters by pressing the button in the upper left corner of the screen.

Back Wars is a chaotic, crazy and fun action game. Throughout the game, you can control a number of different characters (many of which can be identified from old series or movies) and use dozens of different weapons: from bottles or sticks to machine guns or bows.


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