Avito: apartments, cars, work 114.5 APK Download from Avito.ru

Download Free Avito: apartments, cars, work 114.5 APK Download from Avito.ru

Avito has millions of ads all over Russia. What to sell or make, for how much and to whom – the users themselves decide here.

💰 Profitable purchase. At Avito there are cars, real estate, electronics, furniture, work, clothes and pets. You can negotiate a discount with sellers and new items are often given cheaper than in an online store.

👋 Post ads and win. At Avito, the goods find buyers and the masters of their art find customers. Tell us what you suggest to see your offer. Individuals can place an ad for free in almost all categories.

📃 Look for jobs and employees. The application will help you find an accountant, loader or driver. If you want to work remotely, looking for a full time job in Moscow or another city, then Avito will show you the right deals. Look for jobs near or away from home if you are ready to move. Job seekers can study jobseekers remotely by downloading a resume.

🚘 Check the car without leaving your home. Before you buy a car, we recommend that you order a VIN report from Autotek and make sure everything is OK with the car. In the “Transport” category, not only the purchase and sale of cars is available – it offers spare parts for foreign cars and domestic cars, motorcycles, trucks, special equipment and maritime transport. Also in the “Services” section you can rent a car or even rent something more serious, such as an excavator.

🏠 Find accommodation in a convenient location. In Avito, real estate is sold and rented: apartments, rooms, houses, cottages and non-residences. Everything is marked on the map – you will see if there are schools, parks and bus stops nearby. This is especially important for those looking to buy or rent a home. If you are interested in buying and not renting apartments, check out your favorite option remotely. You will find the history of the apartment at Rosreestr.

💬 You agree to the messages. In the built-in messenger, you can specify product features, find out about discounts, requirements for a job or a master program.

📦 Enjoy shopping delivery. Sellers and buyers do not need to meet in person. Place an order and pay for the product as in an online store. The purchase will be delivered anywhere in Russia and the seller will only receive money when you receive the goods and make sure everything is OK.

Look for the best sellers. Take a look at the user profile if there is anything else interesting. You can also read other buyers reviews there and leave your own.

💙 Save for the future. Add the offers you are interested in to your favorites to take a break or return to them from your computer or tablet – the list is available on any device.

We try to make the application better in every little detail. Write what is worth changing or completing at [email protected].

The information for the applicants was obtained from a study of the NAFI Analytical Center (2019), information on the number of car transactions was obtained from the detailed report of Avito.

Download Last Version: Avito: apartments, cars, work 114.5 APK Download from Avito.ru

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