Avidemux 2.7.8 for Mac – Download

Download Free Avidemux 2.7.8 for Mac – Download

Avidemux is a multi-platform video editor that performs some basic and less basic functions for a video sequence.

Cut, apply filters and recode are the three main activities you can do with this program.

The filters are organized by categories. They come in all types: those that transform clip functions (crop, rotate, flip, dissolve), reduce noise, adjust color, shape, reset, etc.

Avidemux also includes a number of predefined formats that you can use to export the movie to DVD, PSP, FLV, MP4, VCD or SVCD.

How to edit MKV video content

The use of the Matroska container format is very popular given its status as a free template that allows you to include, in a file, a video with many audio tracks and subtitles. The only problem is that many TVs or home entertainment centers cannot read this system properly and sometimes you can only access one of the tracks included. To do this, you will learn to use the free Avidemux program to modify the content of your MKV videos and remove or add additional audio or subtitle channels.

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