Avast SecureLine 6.28.13899 for Android

Download Free Avast SecureLine 6.28.13899 for Android

Avast SecureLine is a VPN application developed by Avast for secure and anonymous web browsing with a single tap of the screen. Additionally, you can select the country through which you want to hide your connection. Thanks to this feature, if a site can only be viewed in a specific country, you can “trick” the site into thinking that you are browsing from that country.

The trial period lasts only seven days. After the first week of use, if you like the app, you can pay for a subscription to the service. If you do not pay, the application will stop working properly.

Avast SecureLine is a great VPN tool that combines a simple and attractive interface with some great features. You can also change the language of the application in the settings.


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