Avast Free Antivirus 14.1.0 for Mac

Download Free Avast Free Antivirus 14.1.0 for Mac

Avast Free Antivirus is an antivirus program developed for the Windows and Mac OS X platforms that not only detects and destroys a wide variety of known viruses, but can also detect traces of modifications generated by unknown viruses.

It is fully integrated into your operating system environment and has two types of user interfaces: one simple for casual users and an advanced option for experienced users.

Includes a resident scanner that, once turned on, will be minimized as an icon on your system tray. Every time you run a file or access an application, avast! checks it for potential threats.

The program will also monitor and verify your data backups to make sure they are not damaged if your computer is severely infected. The application is constantly updated to keep it up to date with the latest threats. And we mentioned that it is completely free? So what are you waiting for?


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