AutoNotification 4.2.3 APK Download from joaomgcd

Download Free AutoNotification 4.2.3 APK Download from joaomgcd

Seminars and demonstrations here:

Standalone features:

Block the appearance of any application notifications
Android 8+ is required for continuous notifications. For normal notifications, Android 4.4+ is required. Video tutorial here.

Manage notification categories
For applications not created for Android Oreo or later, you can change many more settings than normal system options such as volume, sound, vibration, etc.
For apps created for Oreo or above, you can set the vibration pattern, which you usually can’t do! Educational video here:

Customize Gmail notification buttons
Set as many buttons as you want in Gmail notifications! Choose from 14 different buttons (incl Note as read, Delete and many more) and up to 5 at a time! Video demonstration here:

Note: Automatic Notification cannot detect when you read your emails on a different device, so it does not automatically remove Gmail alerts as the native Gmail application does.

Tasker has only:

Create stunning interactive notifications with advanced formatting:
Take a look here.

Quick setting tiles
Add up to 40 Android 7+ quick-setting tiles to customize to your heart’s content!

Panel alerts
Create a picture board right in your notification shadow. Tutorial here

Button notifications
Have an alert with as many buttons as you want! Yes, you can have 50 buttons if you wish! 🙂

Spyware and query alerts
Respond to notifications from other Tasker apps and do whatever you want with them, including replacing them with your own better versions 🙂

Automatic answers
Generate chat bots and automatically respond to chat app alerts like Whatsapp, Hangouts, etc.

Android 8+ Features!
Manage notification categories for third-party applications and defer notifications

Free 7 day trial!
Try the full app for free and unlock the full version to get all the features after 7 days. If you do not unlock the full version after 7 days, you will use the lite version.

Limitations in the Lite version:
– The title and text are limited to 5 characters
– The LED color will always be red with an on and off time of 100ms
– Vibration is not supported
– Custom sounds are not supported
– Messages that you can respond to in an auto-alert profile are limited to 2 characters
– Notifications cannot be intercepted
– Cannot use category management and snooze actions in Tasker


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