AutoMapa – GPS Navigation, CB Radio, Radar 6.4.2 (3941) (Early Access) APK Download from AutoMapa sp. Zoo

Download Free AutoMapa – GPS Navigation, CB Radio, Radar 6.4.2 (3941) (Early Access) APK Download from AutoMapa sp. Zoo

AutoMapa – the best navigation you can get!
Now with AutoCB – mobile CB Radio!


AutoMapa features the most accurate navigation plans for cities and towns, AutoMapa traffic system, lane guidance, 3D buildings and steering points, over 900,000 POIs and recording by Polish rally driver Krzysztof Hołowczyc. AutoMapa has been helping drivers for the last 17 years and is the most renowned and award-winning Polish navigation program.



The AutoRadar tool in AutoMapa allows its users to exchange information about police patrols, speed cameras, accidents and speed controls. Touch “!” icon to add a new item.

Confirm or delete an item by dragging the warning bar. The AutoRadar tool implemented in AutoMapa is a way to avoid ticket speeds, as well as receiving and exchanging information about any road hazards.


UtAutoMapa Android combines offline maps and online traffic data in the most efficient way. Maps are always available, even without GSM or Wi-Fi coverage. LiveDrive! The technology allows the navigation system to allow current traffic conditions, including automatic change of direction of traffic and temporary road closure / opening.
ForecastTraffic Predictions (SmartRoutes mode), based on data collected from other drivers. The data is collected daily from more than 7 million kilometers traveled in Poland.
UrCurrent data for traffic and downtime (LiveDrive!) Are sent every 2 minutes.
MSmartRoutes in conjunction with LiveDrive! for smart route mapping.
Visualization of traffic density and any interruptions.


New intuitive user interface
RoadLarge selection of route types and navigation modes
. Traffic Assistant
Door-to-door navigation using address points and over 800,000 POIs
Ist The list of the 500 most dangerous traffic points in Poland was developed with the Polish National Police and the “Safe Driver” Foundation of Krzysztof Hołowczyc
PleteComplete list of railway crossings developed with the Polish State Railways (PKP)
Traffic radar warnings, speed cameras, police cars with camcorders and other objects on the map
Support CB radio support (mileage information)
The ability to service (start and stop) payments for subscription to the service within the account with network operators: Play, Orange, T-Mobile and Plus

AutoMapa Android lets you avoid traffic jams and other disruptions on Polish roads with LiveDrive! technology. The original package offers 7 days of navigation in Poland and Europe as well as maps and points of interest with no time limits.

You can then extend your license in a convenient way

Use of a subscription program:

AutoMapa Poland:
Days 7 days: PLN 7.99
✓ 30 days: PLN 13.99
✓ 365 days: 69 PLN

AutoMapa Europe (including map of Poland):
Days 7 days: PLN 12.99
✓ 30 days: PLN 23.99
✓ 365 days: PLN 119.00

☛ AutoMapa in Play!

The AutoMapa in Play offer is aimed at Play subscribers and users.
Enabling AutoMapa on Play Maps of Poland for the first time entitles you to one month of free use. For the coming months, Play will charge you according to its price list.
For the use of AutoMapa in Play with the map of Europe, Play will charge the fee according to its price list at the time of activation of the service.
You can find the details here:


You can always find details about the content of our map here:

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