Audacity Portable 3.0.5 – Free PC Download

Download Free Audacity Portable 3.0.5 – Free PC Download

In case you were not familiar with this brilliant software, here is a small collection of its features: it is capable audio recording from various sources, this digitizes cassettes and LPs without problems, allows you easily processing, cut, copy, silence, cultivation, divide any audio file. To import WAV, AU, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis, MPEG, MP2 and MP3 files and export to WAV, MP3, AU, Ogg Vorbis and AIFF. And best of all, Audacity Portable does all this without having to install it.

The portable version of the popular audio recorder or editor

Portable applications are one of the trends with the largest expansion in the IT world to date, because they do not require installation, thus allowing the user to use it on any computer by storing it on a USB Flash drive, iPod or any other portable external device. storage. This is very useful in this case Audacity Portable, because it allows the user to quickly edit any audio file on a computer simply by storing it pending.

Like all other PortableApps applications, one of its features Audacity Portable it’s the integration in the application suite and the launcher developed by the company, through which it is possible to be ready to start all the applications that are necessary in a single pendulum.

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