Atom 1.55.0 for Mac – Download

Download Free Atom 1.55.0 for Mac – Download

GitHub is one of the largest software development communities on the Internet. Atom, in turn, is an open source word processor that can be used as an IDE for a variety of programming languages ​​and its capabilities can be greatly expanded thanks to the ongoing support of the community.

Atom has all the features you could ask for in a code editor, such as syntax highlighting, automatic language detection, auto-complete system, the ability to use different frames and organize your project into folders, snippet support, and a powerful search tool. The biggest possibility, in any case, is the modularity of the environment when it comes to installing packages that add more features. It should also be noted that it includes the Git version control system for posting on the GitHub platform.

Atom is multi-platform (Windows, Linux and Mac) and allows you to use multiple platforms in your projects. Customizing it is its best advantage: at the time of this writing, there are more than 2,000 packages and 600 themes. Given the level of customization of this tool and the amount of features that come with it, we look at one of the best development environments you can find today, motivated to be lighter than other alternatives.


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