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Athletic is an interesting application that will keep you informed about the results, news and events related to various sports, such as basketball and football, through a fully customizable platform.

Athletic stands out because it allows you to select both sports in general and specific teams that interest you most to show you the information organized according to your level of interest. Thanks to this system, you can quickly access tons of articles, discussion forums or scores without having to sort what you are not interested in.

Another great thing about The Athletic is that the tool does not have annoying ads that interfere with the reading process. Additionally, you can adjust the font size and background color when you are about to read any article to make it easier to use.

Athletic is an application that offers sports information in a simple and organized interface. This way, you will save time in the reading process, as you do not need to see information that does not interest you. That said, if you want to access all the features for more than a week, you will have to pay for the app.


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