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Download Free Ascension 2.3.2 for Android – Download

Ascencion: Chronicle of the Godslayer is a card and strategy role-playing game where players must face opponents controlled by either the computer or other players.

The game in Ascension, despite being designed by veterans of Magic: The Gathering, is completely different from the latter and other similar games. The goal of Ascension is not so much to defeat your opponent immediately, but to overcome him in a different way.

In Ascension the victory is achieved by earning more value than your opponent, and to do this you will have to use cards from the deck to get new cards and face monsters that are not controlled by your opponent. This means that while you can try to keep your opponent from winning, you cannot attack him immediately.

You can play Ascension either alone, against different levels of computer difficulty, or against other human players online. In addition, you can play asynchronously. That is, you do not need to stick to your device for hours, but rather you can do your turn and return to the game after a while.

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer is a very fun card duel game that, after becoming one of the best titles of its kind for iOS, has finally reached Android to offer a great gaming experience.


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