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For many years, as he was the god of war in Greek mythology, Mars he was also the god of reception. It was the Extremely P2P client in early 2000, reaching its highest peak in 2005, when it had millions of users around the world. Its success was based on how easy and fast it was to search and download any file on the Internet, whether it was a full-length movie, an album, a single song, a music video, a book, a video game or even porn.

The great alternative to eMule in the early 2000’s.

It was obviously a time when YouTube, despite its first steps, fell far short of its current popularity, Spotify was just a crazy futuristic idea, and Netflix was still an online video club that sent DVDs by mail to its subscribers. Streaming was not the thing, downloads were. But, paradoxically, it still has its loyal users turning to this software for video and audio downloads. This is the subject of nostalgia.

Main characteristics

  • File exchange via P2P networks.
  • Intuitive interface that simplifies the search for video, audio, software and documents.
  • Possibility to multimedia file preview before you finish downloading.
  • Built-in media player with radio stations and internet TV.
  • Built-in library for easy management of all downloaded files.
  • Short queues leading to faster downloads.
  • Possibility to pause, resume, cancellation or cancellation downloads whenever you want.
  • Compatible with .torrent files.
  • Chat rooms and instant messaging so you can talk to other users.
  • Option for customize the interface through the skin.
  • Allows the app to be remotely controlled from other devices.

How to download files from this P2P network?

The first thing you need to do is download it Mars Galaxy customer offered on this page. The download and installation processes are very fast as the installer weighs only a few Megas. Once installed, a message will ask us if we want unlock the Windows firewall, to which you should respond positively.

From there, just go to the Search tab indicated by a magnifying glass and enter the keyword you want to search for. You can search for any type of file or filter the results by type: video, audio, image, documents, software, etc.

The results, as well as the file name and size, as well as other related information, also show the status of the file with an asterisk. The more stars, the better like them guarantees the quality of the download.

Each selected file will be automatically added to the Download tab, where you can view it progress, download speed and number of seeds and leeches at any time, able to pause, resume, or cancel any download you want.

How does he do it Mars work?

Like many other downloaders like Kazaa, for example, this file sharing service uses P2P technology. In other words, it is a network in which there are no fixed servers or clients, but instead, each node is equal and they all behave like servers and clients at the same time. In the case of this particular peer-to-peer program, it is very fast because it prioritizes those nodes with a lower download rate.

These are not downloads

But this program goes beyond the functions of a simple download manager for movies, songs, video games, or books. It also offers us a tab from which we can also access hundreds of internet radio stations, from different countries and with different types of music, as well as from many TV channels which broadcast live: from news channels to themed sports channels, as well as entertainment and entertainment channels. All the latest through an audio and video player built into the app.

If you’re an old school man or just want to know how users paid for things online when your older siblings were kids, do not hesitate to download this client for Windows.

What’s new in this version

Its developers Mars Galaxy has not released changelog for version 2.5.5.

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