Ardora 9.0 – Free PC Download

Download Free Ardora 9.0 – Free PC Download

Ardora is a powerful and very complete tool that can be used by all those people who work as teachers or by parents who want to help their children in their studies. This application allows easy creation educational activities in HTML format, to offer students enjoyable activities that will help them learn.

Create school content for the web

With Ardora we will be able to create more than 45 different types of activities such as puzzles, word searches, completion exercises and crossword puzzles. In addition, this program focuses on new interactive media formats such as Web 2.0. It also has more than 10 different types of multimedia pages: image zoom, mp3 players, images and panoramic galleries.

Great help for those teachers who want to create fun multimedia content for their students.

Even though it seems quite complicated, Ardora it really is handy. It will be necessary to enter only the data that will be part of the activity through forms and the application will undertake the creation of the website, so that the student completes the exercise thanks to a browser.

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