Apple Pages for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Download Free Apple Pages for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Pages for Mac is user friendly word processing application beautifully designed. Can be used to create attractive and professional documents.

There are many languages ​​available for Apple pages, including Arabic, English, Catalan, Chinese, Hebrew, Indonesian and Greek. If you want a specific language, you can find it available in the Mac App Store. It is free to download and install any of them.

In the main application window, you can access 60 different pre-designed templates for your documents. You can also customize your own design using different styles, fonts, character and line sizes. The Format Panel offers you so many different built-in tools to help you with that.

It’s quick and easy to add interactive whiteboards, comments, charts, movies, pictures and shapes to your documents. If you need to check a document, you can also add notes. Just use the power of the Format Panel to make your design experience smooth and enjoyable.

You have instant access to very advanced and innovative writing tools. They allow you to do things like control word counting, usage Type of mathematics to enter mathematical equations, track changes, and use EndNote to enter references.

Pages for macOS integrated with iCloud, so you can access all your projects on any apple device you want. The great thing is that iCloud updates files used by any of the Mac or iOS devices. So you can make a change to a file on one device and the change will be displayed on another device.

If you want to share your work with someone else, such as a colleague, go to the top toolbar and click the Share menu. You can also share a document link, which allows everyone in your team to work together on the document.

It allows you save and export your documents to the DOC form (Word files). You just like import and edit DOC files easily with the application.

In total, Application of pages is an excellent word processor that allows you to perform all the necessary tasks quite easily, such as sharing, creating and editing your documents.

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